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This is part of a series of post that documents 30 Lessons I have learnt in my 30 years on planet earth. This is Lesson 4. Read and be blessed! 😎 Drop a comment if you found it valuable. 💛

In Lesson 3, I wrote about Reinventing Yourself and how some people will not accept the new you that is emerging. In today’s lesson, I want to address the demands of the new you and how to sustain it.

Let’s go back to history shall we?

There was a slave girl who was fortunate enough to become Queen to the King of Persia, her name was Esther. She wasn’t the most beautiful or most qualified woman but like we say in church – Grace anf Favour found her.

In her new role and reality as Queen, she almost forgot where she was coming from and the purpose of this new RESPONSIBILITY.

Luckily, she had someone to remind her – Mordecai her Uncle. There are so many lessons here but let’s focus at the moment on Responsibilities.

Don’t be too excited to become the best version of yourself without thinking about what this best version demands of you. Don’t be too swift to enjoy the privileges that comes with this new version of yourself without understanding the price you will have to pay to sustain the new you.

This new you that you desperately want to become, the impact you want to make, the attention, the awards, the accolades, the fame and fortune that comes with this new level that you believe you desire and deserve demands that you are responsible, not just to yourself but to the people who are watching and learning or watching to record your errors.

It demands that you think before you speak.

It demands that you are consistent with your vision and message.

It demands that you are kind, thoughtful and honest.

It demands excellence in all things.

It demands hard work, burning the midnight candle.

It demands that you shun laziness.

It demands mastery.

It demands you to show up without excuses.

It demands that you mind the things you say and do in public and private, online and offline.

It demands that you seek and speak truth.

It demands mentorship to you and from you.

It’s not an easy road, nothing is easy but an unfulfilled, purpose-less life is the most difficult!

Love and Light 💛🕯️


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