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This is part of a series of post that documents 30 Lessons I have learnt in my 30 years on planet earth. This is Lesson 3. Read and be blessed! 😎 Drop a comment if you find it valuable. 💛

Yesterday, a long time colleague told me how proud she was of me and how I am nothing like the girl she used to know about 17 years ago. It was a compliment and I took it as such.

As you learn and grow into who you desire and deserve to be, one thing will be constant – CHANGE

You will change and sometimes it will be uncomfortable. Many times the people who used to know you will no longer recognize the new you. Sometimes, this change will create a genuine sense of confusion for them which they will genuinely struggle with. Sometimes, they will accuse you of pretense and trying to be who you are not. Sometimes these people could be your Parents, Siblings, Childhood friends, Aunts and Uncles who saw you in your birthday suit and napkins/diapers, school or work colleagues, etc.

Some of these people may have known you when you were in the world without regard for values and morals but now you’re here trying to do differently.

My brother and friend, Mr. Jesus was once known as a carpenter but the moment he found purpose, he reinvented himself and the people who used to know him, questioned his new self. He didn’t deter, he stayed on course to fulfill the vision only he could fulfil. Today, because of one man, his love and sacrifice, the entire world is redeemed from darkness into light.

Don’t let their actions or words unsettle or stop you. Instead focus on your goals and vision and keep pursuing them.

Focus on staying consistent. Focus on developing discipline. Focus on continuous learning. Focus on producing results.

In due time, they will adapt and accept your new reality.

What if they never do?

Well, it’s their loss and they would have lost the chance of experiencing the new you and all the value you can bring into their lives and that’s okay.

Focus on your Focus!

Happy Easter Holiday friends,

Love and Light 💛🕯️


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