The #1 Women Empowerment and Support Hub for Young African Women

Hello Bestie Network (HBN) is a community that empowers and supports young professional and entrepreneurial women in Africa to find their place, build profitable businesses, lead change in their communities and live their very best lives by connecting them with brands, resources, opportunities and events.

Someone who supports, empowers, motivates and inspires you to become the very best version of yourself.

Free and Exclusive Access to 

Tools & Resources designed to help you succeed in life, business and career.

Advice and Inspiration from career and business experts

Transformational events and Opportunities across Africa curated for your learning and networking pleasure

Community focused activities to help you give back and impact your world

Our Mission

To create a sustainable, ripple-effect support network that empowers young women in Africa to break barriers of all kinds so they can become all they have been created to be in their personal lives, business and career.

Our Objectives

1. To build a community of women willing and ready to live their very best lives. 

2. To encourage and inspire sisterhood for economic and social domination.

3. To create a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe zone for women to connect, network, teach/learn from one another and grow together.

4. Empower young women through continous capacity building trainings/events so they can turn their passions and gifts into profit making ventures.

5. To encourage a give-back and community servicing attitude.

About our Founder

Bestie Atti is a Lawyer, Personal Development Speaker, Business Support Consultant, and Digital Marketing Trainer and award winning Entrepreneur, passionate about empowering and supporting individuals (especially women), businesses and development organizations for peak performace and success. 

Her passion for women empowerment developed out of her desire to see young women take responsibility fro their lives and their communities. She has hosted several women and youth empowerment events and with the singular purpose of helping women find their place, build profitable businesses, lead change int heir communities and live their very best lives. She believes when women are empowered, great things happen. 

Our Awesome Team

Bestie Atti

Founder & Chief Bestie

Ugonna Oleh

Community Manager

Faithful Godwin


Tracy Peres Iyemene


Augusta Okonkwo


Juliet Ebisindo