Women Support and Empowerment Hub



"Hello Bestie Network",  is a community that empowers and supports professional and entrepreneurial women in Africa to live their very best lives. 

 "We are a best-friend network and all we want to do is help you grow and develop into the woman  you were created to be in your personal life, career, and business"

OUR MISSION is to create a sustainable, ripple-effect support network that empowers women of all ages and status in Africa to break barriers of all kinds in their personal lives, careers and businesses.



  • We EMPOWER our members with cutting-edge knowledge, resources and opportunities via our online and offline trainings and events.
  • We SUPPORT careers and businesses by connecting them with opportunities, clients, customers and investors.
  • We create a NETWORK where other like minded women and girls can come together, form valuable and purpose-driven relationships/partnership and pioneer the change they want to see in their communities.



  • To build a community of women willing and ready to live their very best lives.
  • Encourage and inspire sisterhood for economic and social domination.
  • To create a physically, emotionally and psychologically safe zone for women to connect, network, teach/ learn from one another, and grow together.
  • Empower women and girls through continuous capacity building trainings/events so they can turn their passions and gifts to profit making enterprises.
  • To encourage a give-back and community servicing attitude.



I am …..( YOUR Name)

I love God, I love myself

I am beautiful in every way

I have my strengths and I am not ashamed of my weaknesses

I am the best amongst the best

I know my worth; it is far more precious than rubies

I am an all-round success and I am not afraid to fail,

Because I shall rise.

I have set out to change my world

through love and compassion and I am not turning back

I am Capable, I am Victorious, I Am Light and I Light Up The World.

I am a part of the solution to my world and not the problem

Because I am …..(YOUR Name)!